Height 190 Suit 48 Shirt M Confection 98 Eyes Green/Grey Quote: Coming soon Polaroid Video Setcard

Charlotte A

Height 1.77 Confection 36/38 Bust 91 Waist 69 Hips 95 Shoes 41 Hair Dark Brown Eyes Green/Grey The purpose of life is to live it Polaroid See Charlotte on Instagram Video Setcard [...]


Height 1.70 Size 34/36 Bust 85 Waist 67 Hips 93 Jeans 27/32 Shoes 38 Hair Brown Eyes Brown Quote: Coming soon Polaroid See Elaine on Instagram Video Setcard [...]

Eva B

Height 1.73 Size 34/36 Bust 84 Waist 69 Hips 95 Shoes 39 Hair Brown Eyes Blue/Grey Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about dancing in the rain. Polaroid See Eva on Instagram Video Setcard [...]


Height 1.75 Size 36 Shoes 39 Hair Dark blonde Eyes Blue Love you family, work hard, live your passion” Polaroid See Ilze on Instagram Video (on request) Setcard (coming soon) [...]

Juliet Elise

Height 1.78 Size 36 Bust 80 Waist 64 Hips 95 Jeans 28 Shoes 41 Hair Dark Eyes Brown Have the courage to listen to what your dreams are telling you so you can start living them. Polaroids See Juliet on Instagram Video Setcard [...]

Luuk I

Height 181 Confectie 46 Shirt M Hair Brown Eyes Blue/Grey don't worry, be happy Polaroid See Luuk on Instagram Video Setcard [...]


Height 1.77 Size 36 Bust 84 Bra 75C Waist 63 Hips 93 Shoes 40 Hair Brown Eyes Brown Quote: Coming soon Polaroid See Marinke on Instagram Video Setcard

Marrit *out of town

Height 1.73 Size 34 Bust 86 Waist 66 Hips 89 Jeans 26/32 Shoes 38 Hair Blonde Eyes Blue Quote: Coming soon Polaroid See Marrit on Instagram Video Setcard [...]

Nicky (international)

Height 1.74 Confection 36 Bust 88 Waist 60 Hips 90 Shoes 39 Hair Blonde Eyes Blue/Green Quote: Coming soon Polaroid See Nicky on Instagram Video Setcard [...]