Matt Faces is aware of the fact that the modelling industry and its corresponding travels takes its toll of our earth. To take responsibility and to take our part in creating a better and healthier world we decided to turn our emissions into green by supporting Justdiggit. Through this partnership, green is brought back in degraded areas in order to keep and establish our perfect planet.

Next to our support for more green areas in the world, we also feel the urge to throw more love and awareness to other creatures we share our planet with.  

Therefore, we decided that our models will no longer be available for shoots and/or productions who use real fur. Bont voor Dieren (Fur for Animals) is a remarkable organisation and their efforts to protect the animals, who are used in the fur-industry, receives our support. 

These times, with our growth, our evolving technologies and rising visions, call for a change and a more loving perspective.