Chris H

Height 1.87 Suit 48/50 Chest 100 Waist 82 Hips 101 Jeans 31/32 Shoes 43 Hair Dark Blonde Eyes Brown The future depends on what we do in the present. Polaroids See Chris on Instagram Video Setcard (coming soon) [...]

Merle B

Height 1.75 Confection 36 Bust 84 Waist 62 Hips 92 Cup 70B Shoes 38 Eyes Blue/Green Hair Dark blonde Quote: Coming soon Polaroid (on request) See Merle on Instagram Video Setcard (coming soon) [...]

Martijn S

Height 1.80 Suit 46-48/M Jeans 30-32 Shoes 42 Hair Dark Blonde Eyes Blue Ik maak geen fouten in het leven, Ik maak keuzes. Daarom ben ik wie ik ben, en ben ik waar ik ben. Polaroid (coming soon) See Martijn on Instagram Video Setcard [...]

Nicky L (international)

Height 1.88 Chest 108 Waist 90 Hips 102 Shoes 45,5 Hair Black Eyes  Brown Quote: Coming soon Polaroid (on request) See Nicky on instagram Video (on request) Setcard (coming soon) [...]


Height1.85 Suit50 Jeans33-32 Chest105 Hips101 Taille87,5 Shoes43 HairBlonde EyesBlue Quote: Coming soon Polaroid (coming soon) See Thijs on Instagram Video (on request) Setcard (coming soon)