Gerald G (international)

Height 1.83 Taille 88 Chest 103 Hips 100 Shoes 44.5 Hair Grey Eyes  Blue/Green Quote: Coming soon Polaroids See Gerald on instagram Video (coming soon) Setcard (coming soon) [...]

IDA (international)

Height 1.78 Confection 40-42 Bust 87 Waist 73 Hips 105 Shoes 40 Eyes Blue Hair Red Quote: Coming soon Polaroid (on request) See Ida on Instagram Video (on request) Setcard (coming soon) [...]


Height 1.85 Suit 48/M-L Chest 99 Waist 81 Hips 93 Jeans 31-32 Shoes 43 Hair Dark Eyes Dark Difficult to see; always in motion is the future. Polaroid See Manuel on Instagram Video (on request) Setcard [...]


Height 1.73 Confection 36 Bust 48 Waist 63 Hips 92 Cup 75b Eyes Green Hair Blonde Don’t get distracted by the fears in you head, but let the dreams in your heart guide you. Polaroid See Miranda on Instagram Video (on request) Setcard [...]