Annabel (out of town)

Height 1.80 Bust 87 Waist 69 Hips 94 Shoes 40 Eyes Green/Grey Hair Brunette love life and life will love you back Polaroid (coming soon) See Annabel on Instagram Video (on request) Setcard (coming soon) [...]


Height 1.72 Suit 48-50 Chest 105 Waist 84 Hips 91 Jeans 30 Shoes 42 Hair Dark Grey Eyes Brown Quote: Coming soon Polaroid (on request) See Bob on Instagram Video (on request) Setcard (coming soon) [...]


Height 1.81 Suit 46-48/M Shoes 42 Hair Brown Eyes Blue/Green If you love your job, you never work a day in your life. Polaroid (on request) See Boris on Instagram Video Setcard (coming soon) [...]


Height 1.70 Confection 36 Bust 88 Waist 67 Hips 94 cm Shoes 38 Eyes Blue/Green Hair Red Gingers earn a freckle for every soul they steal. I've got plenty. Polaroids See Dian on Instagram Video Setcard [...]

Wilko (international)

Height 1.91 Chest 103 Waist 85 Shoes 45 Hair Brown Eyes Brown Every new morning is the start to the best day of my life Polaroid See Wilko on Instagram Video (coming soon) Setcard (coming soon) [...]