Auke G

Height 1.88 Suit 50/S Chest 103 Waist 87 Hips 100 Jeans 32-33 Shoes 43 Hair Brown Eyes Brown I have a lot of passion and energy I'd like to put in my job. Love to work with people and achieve goals together. Camera 1, 2, 3 action! [...]

Ella E (international)

Height 1.73 Size 36 Bust 86 Waist 61.5 Hips 86.5 Shoes 38 Hair Blonde Eyes Brown Quote: Coming soon Polaroids See Ella E on Instagram Video (coming soon) Setcard (coming soon) [...]


Height 1.75 Size 36 Waist 61 Bust 83 Shoes 39 Hair Blonde Eyes Blue/Grey Je kunt je overal druk om maken. Je kunt het ook niet doen. Polaroids See Janna on instagram Video (coming soon) Setcard (coming soon) [...]

Mimi (International)

Height 1.78 Size 36 Bust 85 Waist 66 Hips 91.5 Shoes 39 Hair Black Eyes Brown Modeling is about beauty, but it's also an energy. That's not a size Polaroids Instagram Video (coming soon) Setcard (coming soon) [...]

Renato B

Height: 1.75 Chest: 91 Waist: 80 Hips: 80 Shoes: 42 Hair: Grey Eyes: Brown   Take serious things playfully and playful things seriously Polaroids (on request) See Renato on Instagram Video (on request) Setcard (coming soon) [...]