Height 1.87 Suit 48/M Chest 100 Waist 85 Hips 102 Jeans 32 or 33 Shoes 42 Hair Blonde Eyes Green/Blue Always making the best out of everything! Polaroid See Andre on Instagram Video Setcard [...]


Height 1.77 Size S Jeans 31-33 Shoes 41 Hair Dark Brown Eyes Dark Brown Quote: Coming soon Polaroid (on request) See Alessio on Instagram Video (on request) Setcard (coming soon)


Height 1.84 Suit 48 Chest 97 Shoes 43 Hair Dark Eyes  Brown Quote: Coming soon Polaroid See Benjamin on Instagram Video (on request) Setcard


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Demian O

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Denny B

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Height 1.84 Suit 48 Chest 91 Hips 96 Jeans 30-31 Shoes 41 Hair Dark Eyes Dark Quote: Coming soon Polaroid See Dyllan on instagram Video Setcard (coming soon) [...]


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