Caroline D

Height 1.70 Size 36 Bust 90 Taille 68 Hips 90 Shoes 37 Hair Blonde Eyes Grey/Green/Blue Zonder bluf is het leven duf. Polaroids See Caroline on Instagram Video (coming soon) Setcard [...]


Height 1.65 Size 36 Bust 86 Waist 72 Hips 96 Shoes 38 Eyes Brown Hair Brown Quote: Coming soon Polaroids See Cheraine on Instagram Video (on request) Setcard [...]


Height 1.85 Suit 50 Shoes 44,5 Hair Black Eyes  Brown Quote: Coming soon Polaroid (coming soon) See Eloi on instagram Video (on request) Setcard [...]

Tessa Westerhof *out of town

Height 1.79 Size 36 Bust 80 Waist 61 Hips 89 Shoes 39 Hair Dark blonde Eyes Blue Look for the magic in every moment Polaroid See Tessa on Instagram Video (coming soon) Setcard (coming soon) [...]